.NET Development

SQL To Return Multiple Counters
SQL to get multiple counters into a single record or to return a list of counters.

Linq Extensions
My class of C# Linq extensions.

String Extensions
My class of C# string extensions.

Web Site: .NET Multi Web Application Development
This post describes how to create, setup and configure multiple web applications to appear as one application. It shows how to setup a development environment that uses localhost to work similar to development, test and production environments.

Modernizing a Classic ASP Web Application to .NET
I’m currently working on a classic asp system started in the late 90’s. It was developed in ASP using Sybase. The system consists of a classic asp application, Windows PowerBuilder application, Windows PowerBuilder Batch applications, and Java Batch applications.

Learning AngularJS
Just finished a class on AngularJS. The title of the class was Developing Web Applications Using AngularJS. It was a four day class and the instructor was Brad Gillespie who was a very good instructor.

Determine .NET Version installed
List of .NET versions and where to look in regedit to see the latest version of .NET installed on your system.

Building Visual Studio 2015 Setup Projects From Command Line
Fixes the following vague error message.
ERROR: An error occurred while validating. HRESULT=’8000000A’.

Sharing Bundles in Multiple ASP.NET Applications
I’m working on a system that needs to work and look as one web application. They share the same css styles and several JavaScript files. In an MVC application, Microsoft provides the ability to bundle styles and javascript, but everything I’ve seen and read so far puts the stylesheets and javascripts files in the applications /Content or /Scripts folder.

Sharing Session State between Classic ASP and >NET”
At work, we are starting to upgrade/migrate a Classic ASP application to multiple ASP.NET MVC Web and WebApi 2.x applications. One of the requirements is the need to share session state between old and new web applications.

C# String Formatting
Example code snippets used as reminders on string format specifiers.

Library Extensions
Extension Methods Using C#