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Visual Studio Live 2017
Distributed Architecture: Microservices and Messaging
Aug 23, 2017 at 7:30PM by Rockford Lhotka

Building distributed systems provides great benefits in terms of reliability, scalability, deployment flexibility, decoupling of disparate services and apps, and so on. Actually realizing these benefits can be a challenge. It requires architects and developers pay a lot of attention to app and service boundaries, messaging patterns, and data ownership. This session is an architecture-focused dive into distributed systems design, including the creation of microservices, apps, and the messaging patterns used to communicate between them. You will learn: •About the challenges you’ll face when trying to realize the benefits of distributed systems •How to manage service and app boundaries to achieve practical decoupling •About messaging patterns key to successful interaction across the services and apps in a distributed system/

Visual Studio Live 2017
SOLID – The Five Commandments of Good Software
Aug 23, 2017 at 7:30PM
by Chris Klug

The SOLID principles are the five commandments of the software world. They have been forgotten for years, as developers focused on JavaScript frameworks with stupid names and complicated patterns. The SOLID principles transcend frameworks and patterns. They are the foundation of building good software, the breakers of monoliths, the decouplers of coupling, and the squashers of regression bugs. One might even say they’re the creators of maintainable code. Unless you’re already a believer, you need to attend this session and get on the right path. You’ll work through each of the principles, learn what they mean, what they will do for you, and why you should stop breaking them. You will even check out some C# code that explains how they can help you; and problems that will haunt you if you ignore them and are face their wrath.

The Data Access Menu: Making Intelligent Choices
Jun 02, 2010 at 7:00PM by Paul Sheriff, Stephen Forte, Richard Campbell, Rockford Lhotka, Kent Alstad

Over the last couple of years Microsoft has offered a wide array of new data access products and technologies. Learn about which technology you should choose in a given situation: LINQ to SQL, the Entity Framework, DataSets, SQL Server stored procedures, ADO.NET, Access, REST based services, and third party ORMs? This interactive session features audience participation with industry experts.